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3DIVISION is a video game development company. We are a small company of freelance developers with more than 15 years of experience in game development. Our focus is on development for PC and consoles.

The first game we released from our studio was Air Conflicts. In the years after we have made a few sequels of Air Conflicts in cooperation with Games Farm studio and we also we developed a couple of made to order action combat simulators. Aside from action combat simulators, we also developed a few football games which were released for PS3, PS Vita, PC and Xbox 360

A few years ago we decided to produce games as a pure independent games developer. The result of those efforts was the Air Mission: Hind - helicopter simulator released and self-published on PC Steam and Xbox One console.

Right now we are working on a building/tycoon strategy game called - Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic. This is being developed using our own custom built 3D engine.



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For the PRESS REQUEST for any our game use Soviet Republic press form.

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For the TECHNICAL SUPPORT for any our game use Soviet Republic support form. In case you requesting the support for a different game, mention game name and use Soviet Republic form anyway


For SUGGESTIONS and QUESTIONS about Soviet Republic use steam forum.


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